Online Maintenance Workflows

Performance Insights

Actionable Datasets

Role-Based Security


Workflow Management Reporting Plus

Track the status of all your workflow processes from within one view. Review what’s in-progress, or behind schedule, and easily reassign steps to staff within a few clicks.

Workflow Management Blueprints Plus

Quickly and easily develop workflow processes from pre-built templates and edit a wide range of process types to fit your specific company's needs.

Workflow Management Autotriggers Plus

Instantly initiate workflows to begin when tagged events occur within AppFolio, on relative dates, or on a specific schedule.

Auditing Center Plus

Gain enhanced visibility into tracked changes made by your staff within AppFolio. View an itemized history of activity and edits throughout AppFolio, when they occurred and who performed them.

Extended Access to Data Plus

Export AppFolio reports and data into downloaded files or your data warehouse.

Custom User Roles Plus

Create additional user roles specific to your business’ terminologies and structure.

Audit Logs

All changes made to specific pages will be tracked, giving you peace of mind to catch mistakes and quickly revert them when needed.

Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication defends against phishers, fraudsters, and unwanted users from accessing your sensitive financial and personal data in AppFolio.

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