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Online Maintenance Workflows

Workflow Management

Implement best practices across your entire company by deploying effective templates for common processes. Workflow Management keeps all of your processes in one place, making it easy for managers to monitor progress and identify bottlenecks that inhibit growth.
  • Automate routine tasks
  • Prioritize work based on urgency
  • Easily train team members
  • Reduce time spent communicating updates
  • Quickly implement process changes
Performance Insights

Performance Insights

Take control of your business with access to real-time data from anywhere, anytime. Customizable dashboards enable you to get the insights you need to make faster, more informed decisions.
  • Easily compare performance across properties and regions
  • Drill down into dashboards and charts with data visualization tools
  • Share dashboards with stakeholders
  • Automatically update on a prescribed cadence
  • Generate robust visualizations without purchasing a separate BI tool

“AppFolio has been quite frankly essential to the rapid growth of our business. I simply can't imagine thriving in today's multifaceted environment without the tech-forward solutions of AppFolio.”

Jon Snow
CEO, 1000+ Units
Actionable Datasets

Actionable Datasets

Gain increased visibility into the performance of every asset and quickly resolve complex challenges with higher quality data. With AppFolio’s smart automation and single platform approach, you’ll have more actionable business insights at the ready, giving you a significant growth advantage over your competition.
  • Automatically generate a complete dataset
  • Accurately capture every action without the risk of human error
  • Operate in real-time with a centralized hub for data and insights
Role-Based Security

Role-Based Security

Securely manage your business and customer data by assigning different levels of access to users based on their roles at the company. With AppFolio’s Role-Based Security, you know exactly what every team member can view and modify, allowing you to distribute work to your teams in a controlled and managed environment.
  • Maintain consistency across teams
  • Easily review all actions via audit logs
  • Compare and adjust permissions between user roles side-by-side for full context on how roles differ

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Workflow Management Reporting Plus

Track the status of all your workflow processes from within one view. Review what’s in-progress, or behind schedule, and easily reassign steps to staff within a few clicks.

Workflow Management Blueprints Plus

Quickly and easily develop workflow processes from pre-built templates and edit a wide range of process types to fit your specific company's needs.

Workflow Management Autotriggers Plus

Instantly initiate workflows to begin when tagged events occur within AppFolio, on relative dates, or on a specific schedule.

Auditing Center Plus

Gain enhanced visibility into tracked changes made by your staff within AppFolio. View an itemized history of activity and edits throughout AppFolio, when they occurred and who performed them.

Extended Access to Data Plus

Export AppFolio reports and data into downloaded files or your data warehouse.

Custom User Roles

Create additional user roles specific to your business’ terminologies and structure.

Audit Logs

All changes made to specific pages will be tracked, giving you peace of mind to catch mistakes and quickly revert them when needed.

Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication defends against phishers, fraudsters, and unwanted users from accessing your sensitive financial and personal data in AppFolio.

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