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Online Portal for Renters

The online portal lets your residents pay rent or dues online, view and download their lease agreement, or even submit maintenance requests from anywhere in a safe and secure way.

Online Portal for Homeowners & Board Members

Open the lines of communication with robust online portals that serve as a one-stop-shop for homeowners and board members to complete tasks.

Online Portal for Vendors

Give vendors access to view work order details, upload invoices, add notes and photos, and mark their work as complete all within the fully mobile Vendor Portal in AppFolio.

Online Owner Portal

Keep owners happy with timely insights into performance and finances and quick access to important documents, work orders, and reports.

Text Communication

Quickly and easily send individual or mass texts to your residents and vendors through AppFolio, and be immediately notified of replies.

Email Communication

Email residents individually or in bulk from AppFolio for quick and convenient communication.

Payment Plans

Track and account for deferred rent, association dues, and other charges with payment plans.

Shared Documents & Folders

Quickly share important documents with residents directly through their AppFolio Online Portal. Documents can be easily organized and unshared as needed.

Online Board Approvals

Board members can easily sign checks and approve invoices through their AppFolio Online Portal, ensuring that association business can move quickly.

Mailing Service

In just a few clicks, AppFolio’s end-to-end Mailing Service helps keep homeowners informed and streamlines your mailing process by bringing it all into AppFolio.

Architectural Reviews

Give homeowners the best customer experience, from the minute they submit an architectural request to when they complete the update to their home.

Board Member Management

From online board approvals for voting on invoices and architectural requests, to shared documents and reports just for board members, empower your board with modern tools that make their job a breeze.

Tenant Insurance

Tenants have the option to either provide proof of renters insurance or to purchase renters insurance, offered by AppFolio Insurance Services, available through their tenant portal.


Automatically send surveys to receive immediate feedback from residents and measure their satisfaction with your services over time.

Text Templates

Simplify and streamline your text communication process with text templates.

Mobile App

AppFolio’s Online Portal maximizes convenience with a mobile app, so your team can work from the field or at home, while your residents and vendors can access their tools and important information from anywhere.

No hidden fees. No overpaying for features you don’t need. With AppFolio’s transparent pricing plans, you’ll know exactly what you’re paying for and get exactly what you need.

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