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Get insights from 80+ customizable reports, including:
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Extended Access to Data Plus

Take advantage of secure export functionality to organize your data outside AppFolio.

Online Payments

Send and receive payments all on one online platform, with the controls and visibility you need to maximize cash flow and scale your business.

Late Fee Waivers

Adjust and customize how you process late fees with convenient bulk and case-by-case waivers.

CAM Tracking & Reconciliation

Conveniently track, bill, and reconcile the CAM expenses and income whenever you need to.

Automated Late Fees

Ensure that fees are assessed accurately and on time according to your lease agreements.

Corporate Accounting

Consolidate and streamline your financials all in one place.

Bank Integrations

Securely automate your accounting processes with our financial partnerships and integrations.

Owner & Vendor eCheck

Pay your owners and vendors quickly and securely via eCheck.

Owner Contributions

Keep renters, vendors, and owners happy with quicker repairs and payments.

Tenant Debt Collections

Streamline your debt recovery process and reduce the burden on your team to collect past due receivables.

Bulk Tenant Charges

Save time and effort by uploading bulk tenant charges rather than manually processing them.

Payment Plans

Easily track and account for deferred rent payment agreements.

Holding Deposits

Easily manage multiple applicants and refund deposits directly from escrow.

Loan Tracking

Monitor your loans payable in a single location and save time with automated transaction creation.

No hidden fees. No overpaying for features you don’t need. With AppFolio’s transparent pricing plans, you’ll know exactly what you’re paying for and get exactly what you need.

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